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Technician Program - Intro to Transtibial Test Socket

Technician Program - Intro to Transtibial Test Socket


"Technician Program: Intro to - Transtibial Test Socket" contains a series of courses thoroughly explaining steps and processes in creating a copoly or PolyPro Air-Lock or Easy-Off Lock transtibial test socket. Courses include: Mixing Plaster and pouring the cast, placing the lock, measuring and pulling the plastic, drawing trimlines, cutting out and finishing the socket. The courses include step by step instructional videos followed by easy to follow still pictures and explanations.

This program explains all the basic skills and tips used in a lab to create a Transtibial Test Socket. The program was designed to give anyone a starting point on the basic skills needed to do their job. Ideally, the courses are for the new Technician or New O&P Assistant but could be used by other individuals looking to refresh, broaden skills or train employees.

The program is led by Russ Bartlett Jr., CPOA one of Coyote Designs Technician Managers instructing how he would teach a beginner technician in his lab on how to create a Transtibial Test Socket.

The program contains 15 courses and 15 instructional videos of varying length with an outline of the instructions in each video including pictures and explanations.

We are offering our "Technician Program - Intro to Transtibial Test Socket" for $40. This course is worth 3(S) Continuing Education credits from the American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics & Pedorthics Inc(ABC). You must be certified by ABC, Get an 80% or better on the test questions and you will receive science Category 1 credits. (This course is for certified; Prosthetists, Prosthetic Assistants, Prosthetic Technicians).